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Reawaken by Shanelle Roberts (Ebook)

Reawaken by Shanelle Roberts (Ebook)

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Are you tired of living a meaningless life?

Reawaken your heart to the possibility that there is hope for you. Life doesn't have to be a constant struggle. Whether you're dealing with cellphone addiction or overcoming trauma and everything in between, conquering unfulfillment is possible. The solution is intense ownership. 

Learn the ten actions, the ten habits, the ten divine patterns of wisdom that will help you master intense ownership. When you choose to embrace intense ownership, you can heal from your issues and create a life you love resulting in you living your audacious dream.  You deserve it. You are worth it.  Learn about how intense ownership will transform your life into one you intensely own and love to live out.

It's time for you to reawaken.

About the Author:

Shanelle Roberts is an author, award-winning designer, inventor, entrepreneur, and investor. She is the founder and CEO of Smart Chic Labs, a purpose-driven design firm. 

She created Intense Ownership University to help you take action to overcome your issues so you will live your audacious dream while creating a life you love.

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