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City of the Future Playbook

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City of the Future is the sixth book of the Abundance Day: The World's First and Only Total Abundance Wellbeing Solution series, we don't traffic in theories and concepts and duct tape a bunch of happy thoughts together to present yet another piecemealed, fragmented solution. Instead, we provide you with the world's first and only complete solution.

In this book, we reveal that Abundant Cities are the preeminent paradigm for 10,000+ Cities and Digital Twins. First, Abundant Cities are not just sustainable, they are net-negative (and abundance-positive). Second, Abundant Cities are not just smart, they are exponential (so we can harness at least 88% of the data to improve the quality of peoples' lives). Third, Abundant Cities are not just designed and engineered for an abundant lifestyle, they are purpose-built for Total Abundance Wellbeing - total design for the total human (while being governed extremely, extremely well).

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